Case Study: How LensConnect has turned our system into a more user-friendly product.

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September 2023

April 2024

Case Study: How LensConnect has turned our system into a more user-friendly product.

COMPANY:          Artemis Vision

NAME:                   Mr. Zack Lipira, P.E



Mr. Zack Lipira, P.E., based in Denver, CO, with Artemis Vision, is currently spearheading the development of RaPTr (Rapid Pallet Tracker) technology and passionately working towards expanding its market presence.

How did you hear about LensConnect?

We have purchased fixed focus lenses from Computar for industrial inspections before and were quite happy with their performance. When I was talking with Mr. T of CBC America regarding new possibilities in the field of industrial inspections, they told us about LensConnect, which can remotely control the zoom, focus, and iris. This was exactly what we were looking for.

What made you interested in LensConnect?

LensConnect is perfectly suited for our inspection/detection system.

It’s compatible with large and high-resolution camera sensors, and its reasonable price was also a selling point.

Furthermore, the use of LensConnect in the system for our newly proposed product allowed us to incorporate the option where users can automatically setup the camera and lens.This has freed users from the complicated setup process and made system introduction surprisingly easy. This automatic setup option has drastically improved the efficiency and convenience, so we were intrigued by LensConnect.

What kind of issues do you think the use of this LensConnect can resolve?

The camera and lens setup used to be complicated, and users needed to fully understand the setup process and precisely perform the process. This was a difficult challenge especially for beginners. The use of LensConnect has allowed our users to be able to easily setup the system without technical knowledge, making our system a more user-friendly product.

Can you tell us what gave you the final push to make the decision to use LensConnect?

Before deciding to use LensConnect, we investigated available lenses in the market and conducted thorough comparative tests on the price, performance, and functions. The tests showed that the optical performance of LensConnect was especially great. We came to the conclusion that the ability to remotely adjust the zoom and iris was particularly suitable for our application. Its affordable price was also a positive. The fact that we would be able to realize high-quality imaging while improving the cost effectiveness of our project gave us a big push in deciding to use LensConnect.

Artemis Vision

Artemis Vision is a machine vision system integrator with the mission of establishing the best industrial vision systems. It especially focuses on dimension measurement, fault detection, deep learning, and tracking technologies. We respond to the needs of operators and engineers and provide swift ordering, establishment, and installation with the cooperation of clients all over the world.

About Artemis Vision’s RaPTr(Rapid Pallet Tracker)

RaPTr (Rapid Pallet Tracker)by Artemis Vision is a compact unit capable of tracking and tracing high-speed pallets in warehouses and other locations while simultaneously using an ultra-high definition camera to instantaneously scan, read and record the barcodes of cargo loaded on those pallets. This trusty companion firmly timestamps and records the scanned data, making it possible to track and trace cargo at dock doors while simultaneously preventing mis-shipments.

What’s more, RaPTr is a breeze to install and can be readily integrated with existing operation systems. The unit also provides smart support for character reading applications to complement its speedy and accurate reading of barcodes and QR codes, an ability made possible with a Sony 16-megapixel high-speed CMOS sensor.

RaPTr will usher in a new standard in the warehousing industry and elevate efficiency and accuracy with its advanced technology and simple operability.