Computar Announces Super High Resolution Fixed Focal Lens Series

May 21, 2019 – Cary, NC – Computar announced the release of the new MPZ Lens Series featuring super high-resolution operation with precise accuracy. Computar offers an extensive selection of models compatible with 1" sensor format.

The lenses have a compact & lightweight design and deliver nominal distortion and optimal corner brightness with a vibration resistance of 5G.

“The quality optics of this machine vision lens series provides high-resolution images with the lowest possible geometrical distortion,” stated Terry Sekiya, Sales and Marketing Manager, Computar Optics Group.


  • Variety of models compatible with 1" Sensor Format
  • IMX183 (1”, 20MP, 2.4μm)
  • IMX255/267/305 (1”, 8.9MP, 3.45μm)
  • EV2S12M (1”, 12MP, 2.8μm)
  • XGS12000 (1”, 12.6MP, 3.2μm)
  • PYTHON5000 (1”, 5.3MP, 4.8μm)
  • CMV4000 (1”, 4.2MP, 5.5μm)
  • Fixed Focal Lengths -  8, 12, 16, 25, 35, 50, and 75mm
  • High Performance at Short Working Distance (from 0.1m)
  • Good Resolution from INF to MOD for Floating Design
  • Vibration Resistance up to 5G
  • Image Circle Ø16.0mm

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