Computar New Product Guide Now Available


February 27, 2020 – Cary, NC -  Computar announced the release of a New Product Guide.

 The latest version, now available in PDF format, introduces several new products added to Computar's already comprehensive machine vision and security lens selections.

New product introductions include additions to:

  • Intelligent i-CS Lens Series - up to 8MP
  • HD Megapixel Zoom Lens Series
  • HD Megapixel Lens Series - up to 8MP
  • Megapixel OEM Lens Series including:
  • MPY Series - 1.1", 12 Megapixel Lenses
  • MPZ Series - 1”, 10 Megapixel Lenses
  • S Mount Fisheye Lenses
  • 4K 1/18" S Mount Board Lenses
  • 1/2" S Mount Board Lenses
  • SWIR and LWIR Lenses

For more information go to or download here.

About Computar
Computar Optics has set the pace, pioneering new and innovative lenses that out-class the competition at every turn. With a solid foundation based on Japanese engineering and agile production facilities spanning the globe, we operate under a dual mandate to create the highest-quality optics products, at an economical price point that works within your budget. With locations on the East Coast and West Coasts, Computar is able to meet the needs of the Americas.