Computar Optics ViSWIR Hyper-Apo Series is Winner of the Inspect Award 2022 for Vision

October 5, 2021 – Cary, NC – Computar, the leading Japanese lens manufacturer in surveillance and machine vision, operated by the CBC Group, announced today Computar's ViSWIR Hyper / Multi-Spectral Lens Series was awarded 1st place in Vision by the Inspect Awards. This week, the winners were announced at Vision 2021, the world's leading trade fair for machine vision.

"What makes this series on the forefront of vision technology is the use of ultra-low dispersion glass and low, partial-dispersion glass paired with superior design technology developed from Computar's extensive optics experience. This paring minimizes the focus shift within a few micron millimeter at a super wide range of wavelengths." according to Mr. Katsuya Hirano, Chief Optical Designer, CBC Group. "With this, spectral imaging is achievable with a single sensor camera by simply syncing the lighting."

With ViSWIR HYPER-APO, it is unnecessary to adjust focus for different wavelengths. Adopting an APO floating design reduces the focus shift at any wavelength and any working distance. This function makes the series ideal for multiple applications, including machine vision, UAV, and remote sensing. The ViSWIR lenses achieve a fully-corrected focus shift in the visible and SWIR range (400nm-1,700nm). Learn more at


About the Inspect Awards 2022
The Inspect Awards recognize the best products in machine vision and optical metrology. A full list of nominees and more information can be found at

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Beginning in the 1970s, Computar has set the pace, pioneering new and innovative lenses that outclass the competition at every turn. With a solid foundation based on Japanese engineering and agile production facilities spanning the globe, we operate under a dual mandate to create the highest-quality optics possible.

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