Computar Releases a 20MP Ruggedized Lens Series

July 8, 2024, Mebane, NC— Computar®, the leading Japanese lens manufacturer in machine vision and surveillance operated by the CBC Group, announced the release of a new line of ruggedized lenses for harsh environments. The 20MP MPZ-R Series. for 1" sensors.

The ruggedized lenses have been designed to counteract vibrations up to 10G and shocks up to 15G. They feature a floating design and deliver excellent image quality from minimum object distance to infinity. They can be customized to your preferred F-stop. Available in multiple focal lengths and small quantities, you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

"As machine vision applications continue to expand into more demanding environments, maintaining optical integrity with vibrations, shocks, and temperature changes is critical," stated Terry Sekiya, Senior Vice President of Imaging and Information Technology at CBC AMERICA. "Our ruggedized lens series addresses this with a combination of design features, including redundant focus locks and bonding all elements in the lens body.

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About Computar®

Computar Optics, a part of the CBC Group, has set the world standard for lenses by pioneering new, innovative lenses constantly that surpass the competition. With a solid foundation based on Japanese engineering and agile production facilities worldwide, Computar continues to manufacture the highest-quality optical products. Computar's team of experts is dedicated to research and development and continues to push the boundaries of lens technology, ensuring that its optics exceed the expectations of diverse industries, including machine vision, life sciences, transportation, and security.