The Combined Power of Machine Vision Technology and Video Management Systems

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September 2023

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The Combined Power of Machine Vision Technology and Video Management Systems

Take your security to the next level by combining machine vision technology with a robust video management system. Together, they offer a powerful combination that delivers enhanced monitoring and security. Machine or computer vision is a branch of artificial intelligence that enables machines to interpret and understand visual data. This blog post will explore the role of computer vision in enhancing surveillance and security.

Object Detection

Deep learning-based object detection and tracking have modernized the field of computer vision. They enable machines to identify and track objects in real time. Because detail reproduction is vital to object detection and analysis, clear, high-resolution images are critical in determining object detail.  Machine vision systems should be equipped with the correct lens to maximize accuracy for the application and given distance.

Smart video management systems like Ganz CORTROL can use this information to identify potential threats, alert security personnel, and automate security actions.

Crowd Counting and Monitoring

Automated crowd counting and monitoring is possible with machine vision technology and video management systems. Deep learning models are crucial in visual analysis for detecting patterns and characteristics in images, videos, and other visual data. These models require extensively labeled data to accurately classify and recognize objects and individuals and predict actions. Using machine vision visual analysis and a robust video management system can help maintain safety, detect disturbances, and dispatch law enforcement.

Video Analytics

Advanced computer vision technology is designed to efficiently analyze video footage and extract meaningful and useful information in real time. This technology can accurately determine the number of people that have entered a building, identify peak activity times, and track suspicious behavior. This analytical capability of computer vision technology can provide real-time data input for a centralized video management system and deliver invaluable insights to develop effective security strategies and enhanced security operations.

The Computar MPT Series lenses are engineered to optimize machine vision systems by delivering unparalleled clarity, focus, and image quality for precise surveillance applications. Incorporating the MPT series into imaging solutions can elevate the standard of visual excellence, ensuring reliable performance and exceptional imaging results.

Traffic and Parking Monitoring

The automation of traffic and parking monitoring can be achieved by combining machine vision technology and video management systems to detect and track speed, vehicles, pedestrians, and other objects, providing valuable insights into traffic patterns and vehicle behavior. When integrated with a robust video management system, proactive measures can be automated to improve safety and traffic flow. The data collected can also assist with parking management, enabling the automatic identification and tracking of parked vehicles and providing real-time data on parking occupancy, availability, and duration.

In addition, with Computar's LensConnect plug-and-play, remotely adjustable lenses, zoom, focus, and iris modifications can be made after installation in difficult to reach locations for optimal clarity.

Facial Recognition

Facial recognition technology is widely used for surveillance and security purposes. It can monitor individuals who enter restricted areas, keep a people count, and identify known criminals or potential suspects. For best results, it is recommended to use a high-resolution camera and a lens with a focal length matching the target's distance with minimal lens distortion. High-quality video images and powerful video management software provide the most effective facial recognition results.


Computer vision used with video management software can also be used for automated license plate recognition systems (LPR). Compact, ultra-high-resolution lenses with low distortion enhance machine vision and provide clear and accurate images for LPR analysis. Video management systems like Ganz CORTROL interpret machine vision data to effectively track stolen vehicles, enforce parking regulations, and ensure the security of sensitive locations.

The integration of advanced machine vision technology with robust video management systems offers a formidable set of tools for real-time analysis for ensuring security and safety in various applications. With its ability to accurately detect and analyze visual data, machine vision can assist in identifying potential security risks, while video management systems provide a centralized platform for monitoring and responding to security incidents in real-time. Together, these technologies offer a comprehensive approach to security that can help organizations safeguard their assets, people, property, and operations.

Once your machine vision system is running, your data flows from the lens first. That makes lens choice one of the most impactful decisions affecting how well your vision system works. The integration of CORTROL VMS, with machine vision systems equipped with the Computar MPT Series, ViSWIR Series, or LensConnect Series offer a comprehensive approach to elevating imaging capabilities and shaping the future of surveillance technology.

To learn more and see live demos of Ganz CORTROL VMS and Computar Optics, visit us in booth 4081, April 9-11 at ISC West in Las Vegas.