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Vision Spectra Conference Webinar: Exploring Remote Control Lenses with a USB Interface. The Computar LensConnect Series

July 16, 2024
3:40 PM ET
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Presented by: Jonathan Hackney, Computar Optics Group

Are you ready to elevate your machine vision applications to new heights of clarity and convenience? Join Computar Optics as they examine the numerous capabilities of the Computar LensConnect Series – the latest innovation in plug-and-play lens technology, engineered to enable power supply and control through USB.

Experience the convenience of remote adjustment with this award-winning, innovative plug-and-play lens series. The simple set-up software, compatible with Windows or Linux, allows for easy remote control, even without prior lens knowledge. The floating focus design ensures ultra-high resolution from near to far, and stepper motors enable precise focus control and high repeatability, enhancing your work efficiency.

Whether in manufacturing, automation, inspection, or any field where image accuracy and remote adjustments are paramount, this webinar will provide insights to make your visual processes more efficient and reliable. Join the webinar to discover:

  • How to overcome vision challenges in manufacturing, automation, ITS, and inspection
  • How remote lens adjustment can enhance your application
  • Industry specific use cases
  • Q & A

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